Decorative Concrete

Stamped Concrete is a very popular choice for Tri State driveways, sidewalks and walkways. Stamped Concrete brings color and texture to plain concrete and allows for textures and 3-D looks for residential and commercial concrete surfaces. Below you will find the stamped concrete supplies that we offer to help you color and texture your concrete surface, as well as an in depth ‘how-to’ for stamping concrete for those of you that are newer to the industry:

Stamped Concrete Hardener

Our Color Hardener is used to topically color the wet surface of freshly poured concrete. Our Color Hardener is available in 30 standard colors and is a great alternative to integral coloring of concrete should your customer desire a more ‘extreme’ colored surface underneath a pigmented sealer as is a fairly typical occurrence among clients in the greater Kentucky area.

  • Coverage Rate: 100 sq. ft. per pail
  • Color Chart: Call for Details

Stamped Concrete Powder

Release Powder Release is used as a secondary coloring system for stamped concrete. Our powder release is available in 30 standard colors. The release agent is needed while stamping your surface to ‘release’ the wet concrete from your stamping tool. Using a tinted powder release will add more depth to the texture of your stamped concrete job. See the directions below for details on when in the stamping process this product would be used.

  • Coverage Rate: 1,000 sq. ft. per pail
  • Color Chart:  Call for Details

Stamped Concrete Integral Color

Integral Color is used as a primary coloring system for stamped concrete in Burlington. Our integral color is available in 20 standard colors, but can be custom blended per request. Even if you plan on using a pigmented sealer on top of your stamp job, it’s always a good idea to integrally color the concrete to avoid the appearance of unwanted grey areas if and when the slab becomes damaged due to the extreme climate and moisture changes.

  • Coverage Rate: Varies By Color, Strength of Pigment, Sold by the cubic yard (speak with your rep for details on selecting the correct amount of pigment to match the color chart)


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